g’night moon February 21st, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Here is our high-powered telescope point-and-shoot sans tripod photography of tonight’s lunar eclipse!

On the way up to the roofdeck at exactly 10pm:

Matt: Do we really need to go up there right this second? Is it going to start on time?
Me: I think the moon has been planning this moment for awhile, and probably will not be late.

So obv. it doesn’t show from the photo, but it was really eerie the way the moon turned shades of red and grey, so hopefully you got to see it for yourself. Honestly, this looks more like the sun.

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tags: moon, Night

2 Responses

  1. Gerald Says:

    I’m very envious

    We had five days of clear night skys and then just when we want one the *%$£*@@* clouds come and we can’t see a darned thing.

    I’d have probably slept through it anyway. [it was at 3.30 am here]

  2. Mitch Says:

    I was on the roof too, great February night entertainment eh? Stop by and take a look when you get a chance. Thanks for the comment on mitchster.com, the DCPB has changed the way you sign up for the theme days, you still have to log in first, but then “Theme Days” is under the “Members” tab. It’s much easier to join now too.

    Mitch in Minneapolis

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