beach.. BEACH! July 24th, 2011


I have been wanting to go to the beach for about the past 5 years now, but I guess for those that know us, we’re just not really big beach bums. We almost always end up vacationing in cities or places where beaches aren’t really beaches as I think of the beach. If that made no sense, well, I guess what I mean is that the black rock beaches we saw in Iceland in cold weather just don’t count. I’m not complaining — we much prefer exploring cities over laying around in the sand, and I wouldn’t have traded our Parisian honeymoon for a Caribbean isle in a million years, but still, a girl’s gotta get to the beach! So Matt agreed to go on a day trip to the beach as my 28th birthday present. YAY!


So, on Saturday morning, we drove the 3 hours on Rt. 50 east heading straight into the heart of Ocean City, Maryland. We got some breakfast at a little cafe after we arrived and then had our towels laid out on the sand by around noontime, situated in very close proximity to the 50,000 other people that decided to go to the beach in 115 degree (with heat index) weather. Ahhhh, hot, sandy paradise. I had just dipped my toes in the crashing waves when it began to thunder and lightning. Mind you, it was perfectly sunny and bright over 90% of the sky with a little patch of gray clouds off in the corner… SOoo, we had to clear the beach. I was not in a happy mood, but I guess lightning+water is a bad combo, so we packed up our towels and sunscreen, put it back in the car, and decided to walk along the glorious boardwalk. Salt water taffy made for a good lunch AND a morale booster while we waited out the non-storm. Also – awesome. people. watching.




This picture makes it look like I’m an idiot sitting insanely far away from the water, but like I said we had to clear the beach when it was THIS sunny outside, so here I was waiting for the lifeguards to allow people back on the sand… Also, I had to post this pic because dang! look at my awesome neon toes!



For lunch part 2, we had Trasher’s French Fries with extra vinegar, like enough vinegar to “blow out the bottom of the fry cup” as Matt puts it. We came pretty close to doing that.


Finally the non-storm clouds had left and we were allowed back on the beach. By this time, we had wandered pretty far from the car and had found a nicer stretch of beach with a little more breathing room, so we spread out again and were able to enjoy the roast-in-the-sun, jump-in-the-water-to-cool-off, reapply-sunscreen rotation cycle about 3 times over. It was just what I had been craving, sand in the bathing suit and all!!! So when the dark clouds came back and we once again got kicked off the beach, I was okay with it because I’d gotten my fill. There was one last thing to do before we left, and that was to ride the Tidal Wave roller coaster at Trimper’s and scream like a little kid the whole ride.



That evening, we drove back towards home and stopped for dinner and then an overnight stay at Jill’s place on Kent Island. We got to Hemingway’s, which overlooks the Bay Bridge, just in time to watch the sunset and enjoy the live band on the outdoor patio. It was beautiful! Seriously, look at that view!



We enjoyed crab cakes and tuna and, of course, had to try Jill’s desserts. We might be a little biased, but that was the best part of the meal. Matt had the bread pudding and I went with the cheesecake. Check out the chocolate “hi lori”!! – gotta love personal chocolate messages from the pastry chef, even if they are all hot and melty. awww.


So we waited until Jill got off work, passing the time sitting in some adirondack chairs at the end of a long, candlelit pier projecting out into the bay. It was a peaceful end to the evening just watching the hectic traffic lights coming over the span of the bridge but only hearing the lapping of the water around us. ahhhh, what a perfect day it was.


Today, we slept in late despite being awoken early several times by a playful Frankie, Jill’s tiny black kitten. We eventually barricaded him outside the bedroom door and enjoyed pulling the covers back over our heads on a lazy Sunday morning. When we finally left Jill’s, we went exploring around Kent Island – we checked out a cute little boutique shop in Stevensville, then drove to have lunch at the Fisherman’s Inn in Grasonville. Afterwards, we went antiqueing. That’s right, we are all hip like that. Matt eventually asked me stop calling it antiqueing, stating that 1) we hadn’t actually bought anything and 2) why couldn’t we just say we were looking for cool old stuff for our house? I don’t really see the difference. Anyways, we did find one really sweet old white chandelier, but unfortunately it had already been sold. There was some long story about how a woman had purchased it and then her son threw it off the porch, breaking some of the lamp bulbs, but she was repairing it and anyways, sorry! it was resold. Oh well. We’ll just have to keep looking. One of the things we did find was this creepy old doll with yellow eyelids. We did not purchase that. But I will be having nightmares about that tonight.



Our last stop of the day was for eastern shore produce!!! …had to cancel out all that beach food we ate yesterday. We stocked ourselves with plums! nectarines! a cucumber! a zucchini! spicy jalepeno jelly! Mmmm. What a perfect little weekend trip.



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5 Responses

  1. Cyndy Says:

    That sounds like a perfect trip to Ocean City. You totally covered all of the best things to do there and your photos are gorgeous!

  2. DIY Investor Says:

    Great post. Hard to beat people watching on the Boardwalk!

  3. jj Says:

    man i am disapointed you didn’t hit up the zipper or the wrapper. oh ocean city brings back so many memories. were there lots of eastern europeans working the clifford game?

  4. waz Says:

    jj – i thought of you and rachel and abby the whole time i was there, watching the carnies do their thing. ahhh OC. there were lots of eastern europeans working everywhere!

  5. Jami Jo Says:

    Sounds like an AMAZING birthday weekend and much deserved relaxing get-a-away! Happy Belated Birthday!

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