National Book Festival September 26th, 2011

On Saturday morning, we went down to the Mall for the Library of Congress National Book Festival. Dad and I have been trying to go to this for about the past 4 years now, but some scheduling conflict has always come up and we’ve never been able to make it until now. We started off by wandering around to all of the tables at the Pavilion of the States. I made it my personal mission to collect as many of the road maps as I could, and I left with a pretty big stack. The volunteers were handing out other things like bookmarks, travel and tourism info, pins, and candy. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with the maps — probably just keep them for reference for now, but what I should really do is start planning a road trip immediately! After that, we wandered through some more of the tents, many of them kid-themed, and stopped to watch the end of Jim Lehrer’s talk and his question and answer session. He was a great speaker – very funny and humble, too. It was a pretty cool event overall, I imagine even more so if you have a favorite author you’d like to meet or hear talk about their work. Glad we finally made it down there!


Pavilion of the States


watching Jim Lehrer questions and answer session


the Magic School Bus! who didn’t love this as a kid?!


my map collection!


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tags: books, DC, The National Mall

3 Responses

  1. DIY Investor Says:

    Fun date. Thanks!

  2. CS Says:

    My son loved getting on the school bus when we last hit the book festival. Looks like they were handing out a free book to go along with the bus ride, too.

  3. Jami Jo Says:

    Idea for maps = wallpaper for office (at least an accent wall:) )

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