ahhh weekends. January 22nd, 2012


We had a nice, relaxing weekend. On Friday night, it snowed and sleeted here a tiny bit – just enough to make us want to stay in and cozy-up inside. We made shrimp linguine and enjoyed some red wine for dinner, and had a chocolate eclair for dessert. We spent some time thumbing through a signed copy of a Shepard Fairey book that Matt got that day from a co-worker, commenting on his incredible artwork and stencils and picking the pieces we’d hang on our walls. :) Afterwards, we watched some Parks and Recreation, the best show ever. I love Netflix.


On Saturday morning, we took Bowser to the vet for his annual check-up. All was good. He barely even squirmed for his two shots. We spent the rest of the morning debating back and forth how to proceed with the office “renovation.” We’re having a hard time deciding what to do with the floors, which were covered in paint splashes, scratches, and holes when we tore up the carpet. Paint the original wood white? Add a brand new floor overtop? We had a guy come out to look at it, and suggested that we don’t try to sand it down, so that option was out.


We decided to take a trip to our favorite place in the world, Community Forklift, to see if we could find enough reclaimed wood flooring to lay overtop what is there now. Most of what we found were smaller amount of scraps, not enough to cover the approximately 8′ x 12′ room. So after that, we were back to the painting idea, which, yes, I am in LOVE with, but I still have my skepticisms about getting it to turn out right. Many of the tutorials we’ve read online make it seem slightly harder than it seems. Here are some of my inspirations.


This is the greatness that is Community Forklift.


What you might find there.




We decided to take a break from thinking about the floor, and drove over to National Harbor to visit the Peep store, which has been high on my list of things to do forever now. It was everything I imagined and more. Pure marshmellow heaven. I bought some green duck Peeps and some orange rabbit Peeps since I have never even seen those colors before. I was thinking about purchasing some Peep art, but the prices were kinda high, and I think I would just want to eat them all off the wall.


now THIS is a great door handle

look at all that Peep goodness

Peep wall


Peep art


Peep, and The Awakening.


I miss when The Awakening statue was on Hains Point. I’m still kind of sad that it was relocated to National Harbor, and wish that it had stayed in DC. Yesterday it was all roped off, so you couldn’t even get up close to it. Bummer.





Today we went to Home Depot, and bought all the painting supplies we needed to do the floor. I just finished up with the first steps – gave it a good sanding, first with 150 grit then with 220 grit, and then gave it a good soapy water mopping. Going to let it air out overnight, give it one more mopping tomorrow to get the rest of the dust up, and then onto the primer. Before and after pics to come soon!


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Everyone except for Ravens nation…


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  1. King Kong Says:

    Ravens Nation??? teh heh….

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