giraffe March 11th, 2012


Oh hey what’s up giraffe. We walk past this awesome lady all the time, she’s in a yard at someone’s home around 7th and G NE. The house is also fabulously painted in bright Easter egg colors, so I really like these people even though I’ve never met them.


It’s been a great weekend. We went to see a live musical performance of Ty’s guitar teacher with Val and Ty on Friday night (shoutout Columbia, Maryland YEAH!), and now we are expecting huge things out of Ty. On Saturday, we went for a run around the Arboretum, picked up delicious Italian food dinner makings at Litteri’s, and ate burritos from Chinito’s. I love our little neighborhood. Then, we celebrated Jayluf’s turning 30 years old with drinks and dancing at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Today, we spent the morning wandering around Eastern Market with Bowser, and the reality that we are both still in school set in, and we sat inside trying to do schoolwork instead of being outside to enjoy the 60 degree weather. I did, however, reset half the clocks in the house, but not the other half, so I’ll never know what time it actually is now. Thanks, DST.


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tags: animals, DC

2 Responses

  1. D Waz Says:

    I really like these people even though I’ve never met them as well. Anyone with odd looking artwork or an odd looking animal in their yard is cool. Just don’t let the yard decorations get out of control or then you’ll getting into redneck territory.

  2. Karen Says:

    I like the way the giraffe is cleverly camouflaged against the yellow brick building. And really like the eyelashes. thanks for the cheery post!

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