beach day April 25th, 2012



Yesterday I played some hookey and spent the day at Sandy Point State Park with my mom and sis. It was a perfect day – sunny, though slightly chilly — great beach sitting weather without getting roasted. We were practically the only people out there, save a few other dog walkers and another family, so we felt like we had the place to ourselves. We packed some blankets and a picnic of fruit, veggies, and chips and just relaxed, looked for beach glass, and watched the cars and trucks endlessly cross the bay bridge. We spotted a beautiful heron trying to catch fish at the edge of the surf, a few big black buzzard-looking birds (stalking cloesly behind the heron), plenty of seagulls, and a giant ship passing under the bridge span with the words Wallenius Wilmhelsen painted on the side. I made some beach art out of the white oyster shells that were littered all over the sand… hopefully someone came it across it after we left.




Jill, the ever-intrepid photographer with her new camera, took a million photos, paparazzi-style. I hope she feels honored to have made it on Justaexposed. Here are a two of her shots:




In the afternoon, on our way home, we stopped by Freedom Bakery in Severna Park for some cupcakes and cookies to take home with us…. Perfectly indulgent way to cap off a lovely day. Can we do it again tomorrow? And every day after that?


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  1. lil sis waz Says:


  2. Karen Says:

    What a sweet day with you three lovely ladies together plus a beach plus a bakery!

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