lately… June 15th, 2012

Slow news week here, I suppose. Here’s a random shmorgasborg of pics. I’m not looking up the correct spelling of shmorgasborg, because if that’s not it then I don’t want to know.


PIE. strawberry. self explanatory. I thought I almost burnt the house down with this one. When gooey strawberry sugar ooze comes boiling out of the pie and hits the base of your oven, it burns. A LOT. Enough to fill up the kitchen with smoke and panic, send Bowser into hysteria over the smoke detector going off, and me to the nearby stack of records to use one as a giant fan to waft the smoke away from the incessant beeping. Then opening all the windows of the house so the neighborhood can hear the commotion. And in the meantime Bowser takes to biting and fighting the aforementioned record that I put down momentarily, because he thinks it’s the source of the beeping. Which has still not stopped. I should not be allowed to bake alone. The pie was good though.


On Tuesday the pet whisperer (Dad) visited. Here he is entertaining Bowser and Moe. Mom came, too. We met Jill and Joe (Jill’s friend visiting from CA and her travel companion from Australia) down at the fish market for dinner. We bought quite a haul of seafood and it was a veritable buffet of steamed shrimp, shrimp tacos, crab legs, corn, hush puppies, and fried fish sammies. We sat down by the water and enjoyed the feast, along with the lovely mild weather we’ve been having lately.


Monday of this week was rainy, and this bum was curled up all day in a blanket while the rest of us were working…


Had to go out and take some site photos this week for a client, which is a pretty nice job perk. Quite a view from this particular roof deck… I’d take it.


OUTDOOR Table!!! Score!! I didn’t take this photo, and nor was I even there, but I thought I’d share anyways. Jill and Joe at Thai Crossing!!! So awesome.


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  1. lil sis waz Says:

    we made it on juxta!!! we’re FAMOUSSSSSSS!!!!! amazing meal, as expected. joe also talked to the thai lady in severely broken english for quite awhile about his travels to thailand. priceless.

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