cabin again July 16th, 2012

rainy afternoon at the cabin


We had a pretty relaxing weekend — we spent Friday night having some beers on our friend Jason’s boat down on the SW waterfront. It’s actually pretty tolerable to be outside in DC in the summer when you’re on the water. (note to self: aquire a boat.)


On Saturday, we drove down to the cabin in Virginia. Mom and I unpacked about 1/25th of the total number of boxes there. Small progress, but progress none-the-less. It worked out pretty well anyways that we were inside, because there were pretty heavy rainstorms and lightning most of Saturday afternoon and evening. I was amazed at how quickly the fog rolls in and out of the valley overlook from the front of the house — less than 10 minutes for visibility to go from miles and miles to 5 feet in front of your face… While the women were upstairs working and unpacking, Matt and Dad were apparently relaxing on the front porch, reading the paper and eating my glazed donut. They did move 2 big items though (the tv and glider swing) so maybe it was deserved :)


On Sunday morning we poked around in the woods with Bowser for a bit, and layed in David’s hammock up by the bear den. No, we did not see any bears, Val. On our way home, we stopped for Mexican food at this amazing little hole-in-the-wall in Front Royal, VA. Two tacos, an enchilada, and a quesadilla for $5.50. Delicious.


After lunch, we headed over to see Val and Ty’s new house. They are getting unpacked pretty good and making progress with painting and arranging. We had dinner and birthday presents and played Apples-to-Apples on the porch. My kind of weekend!




Matt’s hammock view


Pop relaxing


Bowser in water bad. Bowser on rocks good.


heart leaf! and forehead bug bite.


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  1. LIndsey Says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! I’ve never played apples to apples but Mike’s new obsession is cards against humanity which I hear is similar!

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