CALI pics, part 2: film November 19th, 2012


I FINALLY got my film back from my trip to Cali with Jill!! I love the colors and tones in these shots. Still need to keep working on the focus issues though. Sometimes I think maybe my eyes are to blame. It always LOOKS in focus when I’m taking the picture.


About halfway through the trip, I got to my last roll, I remember going into this little supply store in Death Valley and asking if they had any film for sale. They had everything else known to man, so I figured I’d just ask. The guy looked at me blankly, then sneered, and told me that “no one uses film anymore.” I mean, I get it, most people use digital, but he didn’t have to be such a jerk. WELL HERE’S MY FILM, you stupid idiot!!!




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tags: travel

3 Responses

  1. Lindsey Says:

    I LOVE these! I miss shooting with film. Also half of my digital pictures turn out blurry because I’m such a spaz when taking photos. haha I completely sympathize!

  2. Julie Says:

    I especially like the up-the-humongous-tree ones! You have some great shots–and great memories surely.

  3. lil sis waz Says:

    they look so great!!! mine probably is the best, but that’s just my opinion. haha… that guy WAS a jerk. but i don’t regret buying the 50 cent ice cream bar from him. hahaha. let’s do it again!!!

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