Fredericksburg December 5th, 2012


Yesterday Mom and I took a day trip to Fredericksburg, VA. We visited and toured Kenmore, the former home of Betty Washington, and saw the amazing gingerbread contest display in the Vistor Center there. Afterwards, we had lunch outdoors. In December. With no jackets. It was about 70 degrees outside. Glorious!! We wandered into some of the shops in the main part of town and admired all the intricate storefront window displays. Mom says I was born in the wrong time period, and that all the storefront displays in the past used to be amazing around the holidays.


incredible details in the rooms at Kenmore


plaster ceiling in the bedroom


wallpaper design in the drawing room. kinda reminds me of the dining room at Ivory Road


obligatory architectural photo


This photo does no justice to this incredible family tree that was on display in the Visitor Center. We must have looked at it for 15 minutes. The graphic designer in me went crazy for all the tiny, nicely organized, and well-spaced handwriting. I have no idea how people accomplished this by hand. Give me a layout, guidelines, copy/paste and Command-Z!


close-up of the family tree


Gingerbread jazz club! I would go here.


the candy store window display in town. awesome!


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