new artwork January 4th, 2013

From Xmas present shipping box to new art work. #eames #elephants


So last night we made some new artwork out of a cardboard shipping box. Not just any shipping box, but the coolest shipping box EVAR!! (You can see the full box here). The result is above, and it’s a welcome new addition to the walls. I enjoy switchng things up every now and again. So let me back up to explain, Matt gave me the red Eames elephant a few weeks ago as a graduation gift, and I love him. I named him Stanley. We were hoping that Bowser would take some sort of interest in the new, small animal living with us. But so far nothing, not even a cute bark or sniff or lick. Oh well. Stanley has not yet found a permanent location in our house yet, but for now he’s chillin’ on the kitchen table. Anyways, the box he came in was covered in those adorable little elephant sketches, and we couldn’t bear to throw it away, so we cut it up into pieces and arranged them into the frame we already had hanging on the wall. It’s like we’re the kids who prefer playing with the box over whatever actually came in the box. Well, not completely true, but close to it.


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tags: artwork, DIY

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