Michael Jackson House January 16th, 2013



I just love this house on 8th St NE. I stop to look at all the MJ photos and memorabilia every time I walk by, and I walk visiting friends out of the way just so we can go by it. I’ve never seen the occupants before, except for one time they were outside having a sidewalk party. Never thought to stop and take a picture until today when I was on my way back from yoga… and that got me thinking about it some more. A quick Google search turned up this article from the Post about them. They seem like a really cool family! I’d love to see the inside…


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tags: DC, houses, music

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  1. JJ Says:

    Yes! I love this house, now that I know I can get a pic of MJ just by asking I will have to venture on up. Also, I would like to go to the party next year on the anniversary of his passing. RIP MICHAEL!!!

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