ski weekend! February 17th, 2013

Snow!! I finally feel like I got my snow fix this winter, we just had to go out of town to do it… We went skiing this weekend at Seven Springs in PA with Matt’s company. And by skiing, I mean Matt went snowboarding and I enjoyed a relaxing day getting a massage at the spa, working out, reading, and napping. I think about 6-8″ fell while we were there for 2 nights. It was delightful.


ski_photo 3
ants on the slopes


ski_photo 1


ski_photo 2
snowy forest of trees


ski_photo 5
the roads on the way home this morning. glad our trusty civic made it


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tags: Snow, weather, weekend trips

2 Responses

  1. Julie Says:

    How peaceful! What a difference a few hours’ distance makes!

  2. jill Says:

    i got cold just looking at these pictures. brrrrr. i like the shadows of the elk’s antlers

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