swim bike run etc June 3rd, 2013

We spent the weekend in Rock Hall, MD with family — on Saturday we checked out the farmers market and shops in Chestertown, walked around by the water, listened to a concert in the park, and had a lovely dinner out. Sunday morning was our sprint triathlon. It had been awhile since we’d done one — but it felt pretty good and the course was awesome!!




best. boat. ever. (also, Instagram really brings out my freckles)


Chestertown fountain




race_turtle_photo 1
Matt helping a snapping turtle across the road with a car scraper. he was feisty about it (the turtle).

race_bike_photo 2
Amos, ready to roll on race morning


race markings — still 29!!!! for another month anyways


race_race_photo 3
waiting to start in the transition area


swim! Val and I are in there somewhere


Matt and Val. ‘Merica!


zombie girl, Matt, me, port-a-potties


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tags: bicycle, Maryland, triathlon

4 Responses

  1. DIY Investor Says:

    Friendly suggestion for Matt: you may want to think about putting on some running shoes before moving a turtle like that. He looked like a snapping turtle and they can be onery.

  2. JJ Says:

    1. love all the flags
    2. seriously- you guys need to check the background of your pcitures. i died laughing at the zombie girl- for sure.
    3. i wonder why it was the lori-lori. next time i want you to board the boat and find out. maybe it’s like from one lori to another.

  3. jill Says:

    zombie girl……BAAAAHAHAHAHA

  4. lindsey Says:

    Look at that family of triathletes!

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