canoe+camp June 11th, 2013

So we have never taken Bowser on a boat before but decided to take him canoeing/camping with us this weekend. His only previous experience with water was disastrous — last summer we took him to the beach. He went buck wild, swimming into the waves like a crazy man, and loving the water, a surprisingly good swimmer for his small size. Unfortunately, Bowser’s mouth opens to like 3 times the size of normal when he swims and he ends up swallowing ALL. THE. WATER. And he got really sick. But he loved it so so much, we wanted to give him another swimming chance. So, we got him a little doggie life vest (omg it’s so cute on him) and thought that it would keep his head above water enough, and that maybe fresh water would be safer for him to swim, in case he swallowed as much as he did before. Also, he was a little less than happy to be wearing a giant flotation device, so we thought it would slow his roll enough to make him more manageable around the water. We were wrong. He was in that thing for about 0.3 seconds before he took off, swimming straight out into the river with all his little might. Mouth wide open. We hadn’t even put our canoes in the water yet when he was halfway out into the water, as you can see clearly in the above photo of his little head sticking up behind Matt. He was making no signs of coming back to shore, rather was heading down river without us, so luckily Matt bravely jumped into the water to bring him back. As soon as Bowser saw his father jump in after him, I think he realized he was in trouble and started turning back. He spent the rest of the day safely inside the canoe, probably wishing he hadn’t blown all his swimming chances in one defiant act first thing in the morning. How do you train your dog to close his mouth? He was floating all right thanks to the vest, but man his jaw just was hanging wide open in excitement. We gotta work on that somehow…


Here is Bowser, post rescue. Me and Zoe looking on like “what the hell just happened??” and Matt does not look happy to be soaking wet before we even started the day. Thank you to Alex for capturing these moments.


We camped under this train trestle. Pretty cool spot. Also loud.


choo choooo




canoe_photo 3
twisted fire starter


canoe_photo 2
our new tent!! we got it up in the dark with almost no arguing. thank you LL Bean!!


canoe_photo 1
best camping friends




Mike’s amazing pants/shorts






eeee!! so cute. Bowser and Lloyd making friends.


The rest of the trip was relaxing and uneventful — sipping beers in the sunshine, floating downriver, campfire fajitas for dinner, napping in the tent, playing with the doggies. And, no bug bites. Great success!!


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2 Responses

  1. Karen Says:

    Glad Bowser is doing OK. How crazy is he? He’s just got so much enthusiasm and moxy. Where were you camping? And how often did the train go by? Looks like the river was running really full, so glad you all had life vests on!

  2. lindsey Says:

    I’m so happy to see the pants/shorts featured!!

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