oh yes it’s ladies weekend July 1st, 2013

The wives of KA (as we actually never call ourselves) went to Charleston for a little trip this past weekend. Jessica realized several months ago that we were all through with bachelorette parties/weddings/etc that had become pretty regular over the past 5 years… So we needed a new excuse to go away together. Or maybe one was actually not needed at all. So we just went. Our fabulous taxi driver knowingly nodded as she drove us to our hotel saying, “ahh time away from the husband’s and kids” (even though there are no kids yet) and then proceeded to tell us this crazy story about the time she bought one of those little rubber grips for taking off stubborn lids for her ex-husbands new wife, who is sweet as can be by the way, and dropped it off to her at the end of the driveay, because there was no way she was going inside and having to see her ex-husband. All because he threw it away thinking it was a piece of rubber garbage, and what an idiot he was for doing that. So she brought a new one by and dropped it off one day. It seemed like her way of saying sorry to the new wife for the mistake the husband made, as only she would know and understand, though how she knew that he threw away the rubber grip thing wasn’t part of the story, but in retrospect I’d really like to know.


Anyways, we stayed at the Double Tree (for the chocolate chip cookies) and enjoyed dinner and drinks out, a sweaty bike ride across the bridge to Mount Pleasant, wandering around the city, and catching up on all the things we needed to catch up on.


our bike gang

our bike gang


biking bridges

biking bridges



cheese! in my new pink sunglasses


uscg. we got a wave

uscg. we got a wave from the passenger seat when it went back the other direction





more bridge

more bridge


even more bridge

even more bridge. i could not stop taking pictures of it. i love bridges


goombay punch reward for biking 10 miles

goombay punch – a good reward for biking 10 miles


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One Response

  1. jill Says:

    2 things. one- your bike gang doesn’t look very intimidating or hardcore. two- is it just me, or do you acquire pink sunglasses everywhere you go?

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