Canadian bachelorette, eh August 1st, 2013

montreal_photo 9
the bachelorette(s)


This past weekend I went up to Montreal for Riles’ bachelorette party. I had never been to Canada before, unless you count the Canadian side of Niagra Falls, so this was pretty much a first. I liked Montreal for sure and hope to go back sometime for a more extended trip. We did a lot of walking around, eating (see meat platter), drinking, and embarassing Riles, of course, with giant cutouts of her face. I think there may be one left in a bar somewhere…


montreal_photo 6


montreal_photo 7
inside cathedral


montreal_photo 4
colorful glass facade


montreal_photo 3
sliver of light


montreal_photo 2
Le Habitat


montreal_photo 1
meat platter of the century


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tags: travel, weekend trips

2 Responses

  1. Jill Says:

    yeahhhh!!! i love montreal!! except that i went in february when it’s miserably and painfully cold. awesome meat platter, though… nicely done.

  2. jj Says:

    man! you cut out the best part of le habitat- the speedo clad tandem divers. and i have a vivid memory of one of the last places i saw one of the riles masks SEARED into my brain.

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