this that and the other, December style December 11th, 2013

it snowed

photo 5
Christmas decorations went up at Union Station, and I went there to shop see them


photo 4
Bowser has been enjoying all the Christmas decorations around the house, incldung this pillow and anything low-hanging on our Chisrtmas tree


photo 3
I got flowers from mom, Kristy, and Jill <3     photo 2
we accomplished this amazing feat of elecrtical engineering and didn’t tear the house down OR kill each other. i also managed to not fall out the second story window. even when Matt was throwing the zip-ties up to me with poor aim. nice try Matt, I’m not going out that easily


photo 2-1
Bowser warming his heinie by the fireplace


photo 1
the best way to go about trimming the tree is with sparkling beverages in hand and Elvis christmas records on


photo 1-1
here’s where our tree came from again this year: a romantic, snowy mountain side, Matt carrying an axe over his shoulder the side of New York Ave brought to you by Snoopy and his toothbrush, the Redskins, and Visa


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One Response

  1. jill waz Says:

    this post made me extremely nostalgic. in a good way, though! :)

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