snow fish February 14th, 2014



Yesterday we got a big snowstorm. Some people have been calling it #snowchi, but do we really need to name everything? It’s not like it was another Snowmageddon. Anyways, I’m not one of those people who sticks the yard stick in the snow to measure, but maybe it was around 8 or 9″ total here in DC proper.


So pretty much everyone else was off work yesterday making brunch plans, but when you work for yourself from home, “snow day” kinda has a new meaning… As in, I don’t really have an excuse not to do work. But damned if I will find one anyways!! in the form of snow sculpting!!! Plus gumballs!! Snow fish is already melting in the backyard today, and the gumballs are running everywhere, so he was a short-lived masterpiece. But he was cute while he lasted. MOAR SNOW PLZ!


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tags: DC, Sculptures, Snow, weather

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