weekendy things February 24th, 2014

We had a pretty low key weekend that consisted of enjoying the warm-ish weather, doing things around the house, watching House of Cards season 2, a speaking engagement, a hike, and eating lots of Indian food on both Friday and Saturday night (it makes the baby kick around A LOT). Just the way I like it!


On Saturday night I gave a Pecha Kucha talk at Hierarchy DC about my 3D rendering work. It was a pretty inspiring night with a range of topics and speakers – and the 20 slides/20-seconds-per-slide format is pretty awesome in that it keeps things moving along quickly. That said, I’m glad it’s over, as public speaking events always stress me out a bit.


On Sunday we took Bowser dog for a stroll in Fort Dupont Park. We were the only people out there. Surprising for the 60 degree weather… He does love a good tromp through the woods, as do we.


fdp_photo 1
sun trying to come out


fdp_photo 2
intrepid explorer


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tags: DC, dogs, parks, pets

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  1. Lindsey Says:

    You’ve inspired me to check out Fort Dupont Park the next time the weather gets nice!

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