groundbreaking! March 20th, 2014

Yesterday was the official groundbreaking at The Wharf. It was rainy and overcast, but the weather didn’t overshadow the celebration of the great things to come at the southwest waterfront. I’m so proud of Matt and all the hard work he has put into the team that is bringing this massive project to The District.

wharf_photo 1
I obv. forgot my press pass that would have allowed me to get a better angle on this shot


wharf_photo 2
construction equipment!! confetti!!


wharf_photo 3
standing room only! the kids choir from Amidon-Bowen elementary kicked off the morning with some songs


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tags: DC, southwest waterfront

4 Responses

  1. Karen Says:

    It was a great day of celebration. So proud of Matt – and of you, Lori, for your support through the long hours of preparation. Love your photo of the confetti on the CAT!

  2. lil sis waz Says:

    SO AWESOME!!!!! way to go matt!

  3. Lindsey Says:

    I love the confetti at the ground breaking! Yay Matt!

  4. jj Says:

    Lori, looks like your shovel was awaiting you. I love how groundbreaking shovels are always so shiney and new. The only thing better than that are the oversived gigantic ribbon cutting scissors.

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