nursery June 24th, 2014

By popular request… pics of the nursery! Or, as Bowser likes to think, his new doggie playroom. We kinda went piece-by-piece over the last several months, until it all came together surprisingly well:

-the overhead light was a splurge from Makan which kinda started it all  
-crib: gift from Matt’s parents  
-dresser – DIY thrift store find for $20, plus a coat of white paint, plus new orange knobs from Etsy  
-corner bookshelf – a gift from David and Kristy, painted by all of our baby shower attendees  
-balloon wall art – DIY craft project by me and Matt, using embroidery hoops, quilting fabric, and yarn  
-rug – new from Wal-Mart  
-futon – already owned from IKEA  
-dog butts hooks – new from IKEA  
-curtains – new from Pottery Barn Kids  
-books, toys, and stuffed animals – hand-me-downs from mine and Matt’s childhood  
-alphabet wall hanging – from my mom, handmade by her when we were little!  
-red Eames elephant – this was my graduation gift from Matt a couple years ago, I guess I will share it with the baby  
-pages tacked on the wall – from Horton Hatches the Egg book by Dr. Suess  
-rocking chair – vintage piece found at Hunted House on H Street  
-elephant mobile – a gift from Alisa and Kevin!  

I hope the baby likes orange :)










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tags: baby, DC, Interiors

2 Responses

  1. King Kong Says:

    Horton sat for 51 weeks, I bet you feel like you have been carrying your burrito for longer! T-minus and counting, much love to you and Matt…

  2. lil sis waz Says:

    i LOVE it. it truly looks great. i love how bowser is in the pictures obviously thinking it is all being done for him.. heheeeehehe he’s in for a surprise!!! : )

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