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dog-parents –> baby-parents September 4th, 2014

I was writing this post throughout my pregnancy… Finally getting around to publishing it now…


They only living creature I’ve ever really been responsible for is Bowser dog, so it’s really the only thing I currently have to compare for what I think parenting might be like. Problem is, I forget to feed him about once a week, lock him up in his crate when he starts whining really bad, buy him the unhealthy treats because they’re cheaper… And once I forgot I left him in the backyard for hours in the rain while I was inside working. Oops.


And then there was one night, Bowser was sleeping in bed with us, Matt jerked the covers up over his head really quickly and accidentally catapulted Bowser off the bed, flying him into the air… he landed with a thud on his little dog head. It must have been a rude awakening. So, we’re going to have to step it up I guess when baby arrives in June/July. In the meantime, we’ve decided to test all the baby gear on the dog.


highchair_photo 1
We acquired this cool high chair at Community Forklift for $25. It’s like the first thing we bought for the baby, and I think (but I might be wrong) you don’t even need one of these for like 8 months. So, we’re off to a good and sensible start. It needs a cleaning, sanding, and new coat of paint.


highchair_photo 2
But first things first, we put Bowser in it. He didn’t fall out in the 2 minutes he was in there, so we think this will work well for the baby. He didn’t look happy in there, but we hadn’t yet bribed him with Cheerios. We’re saving that trick for when it matters.



Here is Bowser testing the carseat. He doesn’t look too comfortable. Hmmm.



bowser_carrier_photo 3
Mom, look away. We did not put Bowser in the hand-me-down baby carrier that you gave us… It only looks like we did that.



bowser_crib_photo 2
“Is this crib my new bed?! I could get used to this…”



Now this vibrating swing thing, he seemed to like.



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Lyla Willow August 22nd, 2014

She arrived at 6:45am on July 11 at 6lbs 14oz. We love this crazy, snuggly, wide-eyed, bubbly, beautiful little lady so much!








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nursery June 24th, 2014

By popular request… pics of the nursery! Or, as Bowser likes to think, his new doggie playroom. We kinda went piece-by-piece over the last several months, until it all came together surprisingly well:

-the overhead light was a splurge from Makan which kinda started it all  
-crib: gift from Matt’s parents  
-dresser – DIY thrift store find for $20, plus a coat of white paint, plus new orange knobs from Etsy  
-corner bookshelf – a gift from David and Kristy, painted by all of our baby shower attendees  
-balloon wall art – DIY craft project by me and Matt, using embroidery hoops, quilting fabric, and yarn  
-rug – new from Wal-Mart  
-futon – already owned from IKEA  
-dog butts hooks – new from IKEA  
-curtains – new from Pottery Barn Kids  
-books, toys, and stuffed animals – hand-me-downs from mine and Matt’s childhood  
-alphabet wall hanging – from my mom, handmade by her when we were little!  
-red Eames elephant – this was my graduation gift from Matt a couple years ago, I guess I will share it with the baby  
-pages tacked on the wall – from Horton Hatches the Egg book by Dr. Suess  
-rocking chair – vintage piece found at Hunted House on H Street  
-elephant mobile – a gift from Alisa and Kevin!  

I hope the baby likes orange :)










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BUMP April 19th, 2014

28 weeks!! We took these pics down by the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin one early morning last week. I can’t believe baby burrito will be here in 2ish more months.






I insisted that this photo happen

I insisted that this photo happen


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welcome nora! October 12th, 2012


My little neice!! Nora Emily was born in Anchorage, AK on October 9th. How cute is she!!!???? I can’t believe I am an aunt!! We got to Skype when she was only about 12 hours old, and she is just so tiny and chunky, I wish I could squeeze her through the computer. Welcome to the world, Nora! I can’t wait to meet you.


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