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they grow up so fast October 9th, 2013

nora_bday_photo 1


This past weekend we celebrated Nora’s first birthday (Wizard of Oz style!) at the cabin. omg, where has the time gone? My little niece is getting SO big!! We gave her her first tricycle (which later can be reconfigured into a bicycle). She seemed a little hesitant at first, I think she needs like 2 more inches of height, but then I’m sure she’ll be wheeling around like a pro after that. I love the little vrooommmmVrooommm sound she makes while she’s sitting on it. That girl loves things with wheels. Happy Birthday Nora :)


nora_bday_photo 4
partying up at the fire circle – the cutest little witch ever!!


nora_bday_photo 3
Kristy’s amazing Glinda cake


nora_bday_photo 2
fall at the cabin


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this guy… September 3rd, 2013

…is 30 yeas old!!!


we spent Saturday on a bike trip with Val and Ty from BWI to Annapolis. 44 miles round trip. and a delicious seafood lunch at Pusser’s and then ice cream in between.. mmmmm.


Ty is smiling, even coming up the hill


there was a unicorn crossing on the trail… and a lemonade stand, which I of course immediately braked for…


Baltimore-Annapolis trail for the win!



We got back to Val and Ty’s house to some “surprise” birthday visitors… And continued celebrating with dinner, cake, and presents with family. The best kind of birthday!


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birthday dinner September 4th, 2011


Growing up, birthday dinners* were always a big deal in our house. You could order whatever you wanted to have and mom would make it. So, for 2 siblings plus myself, all with summer birthdays at home for approximately 18 years.. if you do the math, that’s about 54 unique birthday dinners we could have had. Yet, we all always chose the same thing — steamed, spiced shrimp and a side of cantaloupe! And sometimes corn-on-the-cob. It was a pretty big faux pas the year (I think?) I tried to order roast beef for my birthday dinner. The family was secretly pissed off at me for the shrimp-deprival that July. There was another time that Jill tried to switch things up and do a bushel of crabs, and I don’t think that went over well either. Even though we’re all old now and moved out of the house, we still carry the shrimp tradition on whenever possible.


SO ANYWAYS! When Matt turned 28 this past week, I offered to make him a birthday dinner of whatever he wanted. He had class that day until 9pm, so we figured it would be better to stay in and have a special meal. He had a pretty simple request — grilled cheese and rice pudding. That would definitely have gotten the major thumbs down in our household as kids, but I was pretty glad to make him those things because the birthday person gets to choose!! And also, it didn’t hurt that they are some of my favorites too. :)


For the grilled cheese, I went with a combination of Sourdough bread, fontina and mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, and bartlett pear. Yeah, it was as good as it sounds like it would be. Yummy melty goodness. For dessert, the rice pudding turned out pretty good too, for something I had never made before. Instead of putting raisins in it, we sprinkled a little cinnamon on top and voila! Much easier than making a cake!



*Somewhere recently this started turning into somewhat of a foodie blog. I’m not sure how it happened. I hope you don’t mind.


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