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random updates.. November 11th, 2013

Some misc. pics from the weekend —


photo 1
hiking at the Ashland Nature Center in Delaware… the trees have just about lost their colors.


photo 2
back in DC, biking the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. doesn’t my shadow make it look like I’m on a horse or something??


photo 3
bridge photo, obvs.


photo 4
hear ye, hear ye! I FINALLY completed a WaPo crossword puzzle last night. It has taken me about a million tries to accomplish this feat, but I did it, so now I must gloat about it!! I only had to look up one letter to confirm the answer (L is 50 in roman numerals). wooooooooooooooo hooooo.


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Happy Halloween! October 30th, 2013

We had our annual Halloween costume party this past weekend. The theme was cartoons and super-heroes. As you can see from the pics, our friends went all out on the costumes this year:


Photo 7
Inspector Gadet and Ursula the Sea Witch


Photo 11
Duct Tape and British Flag


Photo 13
Clark Kent and Waldo


Photo 19
Jem and Underdog


Photo 35
I will not attempt to label this


Photo 62


Photo 68
The Ambiguously Gay Duo


Photo 96
Roger Rabbit


Photo 103


Photo 22


Photo 25
Popeye and Olive Oyl


Photo 30
Toastbusters (I think?)


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a new treebox October 14th, 2013



Ok, I know this doesn’t look like much of anything, but we like to brag about our small accomplishments around here just to make sure they don’t go unnoticed: Yesterday afternoon, Matt built us a legitimate treebox surrounding (or, according to Matt, a gigantic new ashtray for our smoker neighbors :( ) and I planted 100 tulip bulbs in there. I REALLY hope they come up in the spring, because my hands and legs are incredibly sore today. Who knew that planting was so strenuous?? I should have stretched beforehand or something. Anyways, I have been whispering loving words to my bulbs everytime I walk by in hopes that they will grow nicely and make me feel worthy of my Dutch last name. I’ll try and remember to post an ‘after’ photo of the purple, pink, and orange blooms come spring… And for the record, this little baby only took us 1 tiny argument and 2 trips to Home Depot. Not bad, not bad.


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family September 2nd, 2013

Nora is crawling all over the place! She is so loud and giggly.


All she wants to do is play with my iPhone and slobber on it. I tried to lure her away with some old Rainbow Brite stuffed toys I had in hiding, but she was not into it.


She does, however, like to point using her middle finger. HAHA!!! “Nora, count to one!” and this is what you get. What a gangster!


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goodbye summer! August 30th, 2013

crabs_photo 2


Last night we hosted a little crab feast with the KA college friends to say goodbye to summer! We did the same thing last year and so I think a little tradition has been started. It’s pretty much the perfect way to end an evening — crabs, beer, tunes, and good company.


crabs_photo 1

Also, I made cupcakes using the 1 million types of sprinkles that Val gave me for my birthday. I love sprinkles. And I love lining things up in order by color, so this was pretty much my favorite baking activity ever.


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and it’s August… August 5th, 2013

…but it doesn’t really feel like it. The weather has been, dare I say, pretty cool and mild. I actually got kinda COLD while riding my bike home the other night… crazy. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:


dogdays_photo 1
Kicked off the weekend with a little Friday evening trip to the puppy park. Bowser in all his glory, he loves the little doggie water fountains.


basilica_photo 2On Saturday we had a nice little day with our friends Mike and Lindsey. We started the day with a visit to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in NE DC. Having been by there a million times, and always wondering what it looks like inside, now I know: a simple dome with light streaming in… a large, fiery, sparkley Jesus mosaic… and huge marble columns. It was quite grand. Some day we will go back for the official tour.


basilica_photo 3


basilica_photo 4


dcbrau_photo 5
Next stop of the day was Chocolate City Brewery, but they were sadly and surprisingly closed. So, we went to DC Brau instead. We watched some artwork being drawn on the walls, filled some growlers, and sampled some of their brews.


crabs_photo 1
And finally: CRABS, from Ernie’s Crab House. They were amazing. I think my hands still smell like Old Bay, and I’m okay with that.


sleepydog_photo 2
And finally, Sunday was a day of chores and rest. We went hunting for some new nightstands at several places around town, but to no avail. It is hard finding furniture sometimes. I did almost come home with a giant white bust of Thomas Jefferson, but Matt talked me out of it: “Thomas Jefferson didn’t like cities.” ooooo…k… My fault. So, we ended up at home, mostly empty handed except for some new records. So we listened to those, lounged with Bowser on the sofa, read the newspaper, started the crossword, and napped. Nice little weekend!


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’round these here parts… June 24th, 2013

Here’s what’s been going down lately, in the form of mediocre iPhone photos:


delcious CSA dinner by Matthew

delcious CSA dinner by Matthew

Matt made this amazing dinner of kale chips, daikon root with spicy seasoning, and chopped asian-type salad. it was omg amazing. loving summer and CSA deliveries.


doggie friends

doggie friends

Bowser and Obi had a playdate


photographers at the Lincoln Memorial

photographers at the Lincoln Memorial

we biked down to the Mall late on Saturday night. i was feeling touristy and wanted to see the moon







I can’t help but wonder if there are a lot of tourists who come to town this summer and feel pretty gypped about all the scaffolding covering the Wash Mon. I mean, I think it looks cool, but I have seen the real thing a zillion times.


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canoe+camp June 11th, 2013

So we have never taken Bowser on a boat before but decided to take him canoeing/camping with us this weekend. His only previous experience with water was disastrous — last summer we took him to the beach. He went buck wild, swimming into the waves like a crazy man, and loving the water, a surprisingly good swimmer for his small size. Unfortunately, Bowser’s mouth opens to like 3 times the size of normal when he swims and he ends up swallowing ALL. THE. WATER. And he got really sick. But he loved it so so much, we wanted to give him another swimming chance. So, we got him a little doggie life vest (omg it’s so cute on him) and thought that it would keep his head above water enough, and that maybe fresh water would be safer for him to swim, in case he swallowed as much as he did before. Also, he was a little less than happy to be wearing a giant flotation device, so we thought it would slow his roll enough to make him more manageable around the water. We were wrong. He was in that thing for about 0.3 seconds before he took off, swimming straight out into the river with all his little might. Mouth wide open. We hadn’t even put our canoes in the water yet when he was halfway out into the water, as you can see clearly in the above photo of his little head sticking up behind Matt. He was making no signs of coming back to shore, rather was heading down river without us, so luckily Matt bravely jumped into the water to bring him back. As soon as Bowser saw his father jump in after him, I think he realized he was in trouble and started turning back. He spent the rest of the day safely inside the canoe, probably wishing he hadn’t blown all his swimming chances in one defiant act first thing in the morning. How do you train your dog to close his mouth? He was floating all right thanks to the vest, but man his jaw just was hanging wide open in excitement. We gotta work on that somehow…


Here is Bowser, post rescue. Me and Zoe looking on like “what the hell just happened??” and Matt does not look happy to be soaking wet before we even started the day. Thank you to Alex for capturing these moments.


We camped under this train trestle. Pretty cool spot. Also loud.


choo choooo




canoe_photo 3
twisted fire starter


canoe_photo 2
our new tent!! we got it up in the dark with almost no arguing. thank you LL Bean!!


canoe_photo 1
best camping friends




Mike’s amazing pants/shorts






eeee!! so cute. Bowser and Lloyd making friends.


The rest of the trip was relaxing and uneventful — sipping beers in the sunshine, floating downriver, campfire fajitas for dinner, napping in the tent, playing with the doggies. And, no bug bites. Great success!!


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CSA May 31st, 2013

CSA_photo 1


When we got home last week, our first CSA box (from Karl’s Farm) was awaiting us!! YAY greens! It was a much needed and welcome dietary change after 4 days of fried conch and rum drinks. We had salads almost all week, and I discovered that I realy like love raw radishes with salt and pepper on them. This is going to be so great, I can’t wait for the next deliveries, it’s going to be like Christmas on the doorstep every Friday.


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White House Garden Tour April 14th, 2013

This morning we went on the White House Garden Tour, thanks to Alisa and Kevin for bringing us along.

MMMMMMmmmm sea kale!

I wish this thought-provoking T.J. quote about continuous harvests applied to my own garden, but sadly all I grew last year was this.

you can never take a bad fountain photo, in my opinion

happy musician

hey bird

thumbs up White House

this looks like a nice place to sit and read

backyard view, not too shabby

would you just look at those column details. fabulous.

the bajillionth flower photo

pretty in pink.


in case you were wondering, yes, they’re always watching you

the summer I visited Rome for study abroad, we started saying “ciao scaffolding” to all of the tourist spots we visited, because, as it seemed at the time, everything was under repair. now I say it everytime I see the Washington Monument. I think it looks pretty cool like that, but I’m sure all the tourists would disagree with me.

Kevin getting the shot


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