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random updates.. November 11th, 2013

Some misc. pics from the weekend —


photo 1
hiking at the Ashland Nature Center in Delaware… the trees have just about lost their colors.


photo 2
back in DC, biking the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. doesn’t my shadow make it look like I’m on a horse or something??


photo 3
bridge photo, obvs.


photo 4
hear ye, hear ye! I FINALLY completed a WaPo crossword puzzle last night. It has taken me about a million tries to accomplish this feat, but I did it, so now I must gloat about it!! I only had to look up one letter to confirm the answer (L is 50 in roman numerals). wooooooooooooooo hooooo.


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merry christmas December 26th, 2012

my mom’s popcorn and orange slice tree


We spent Christmas weekend in Maryland and Delaware: window shopping, eating family meals, drinking wine and talking, watching a light snow fall outside, catching up with friends we haven’t seen in forever, exchanging gifts, posing the doggies for pictures, scarfing down cookies and fudge, and playing team Scrabble. Just perfect.


for reference, that was a pretty big gift box




merry christmas to all


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4th of july getaway July 7th, 2012


We spent the past few days relaxing with family at Rehoboth Beach. It was a really nice getaway and a great change of pace to see fireworks on the beach after spending the last several 4th of Julys in DC. The weather was hot and sunny almost the entire time and the ocean was perfect for cooling off. We did lots of walking, ate ice cream every day (including some made with our handcranker!), fed the turtles and fish in Silver Lake, visited the farmers market, window shopped along the boardwalk, ate too much taffy, lounged in the sand to watch beachfront fireworks, took a morning yoga class on the beach, and just had a generally great time decompressing. Our stay ended up being extended a few days due to Bowser’s unfortunate visit to the Animal Emergency Hospital. We found out the hard way that Bostons don’t make great beach dogs after he came down with puppy pnemonia due to water in his tiny lungs. It was a bit of a scare for us, and we felt like bad irresponsible parents, but luckily he is on antibiotics now and seems to be making a full recovery. He just looked like he was having such a fun time playing on the beach with Tiki and chasing waves that we didn’t realize he was taking on quite a bit of salt water. Lesson learned on that one.


Now we’re back in DC, unpacking and getting life things back in order, ie laundry and emptying sand out of everything. I keep eyeing up the fudge I brought home for Dad, trying not to open it before I can give it to him :)




colorful umbrellas


check out the huge turtle in the center of the pic! that guy was ENORMOUS




dogfish head


Bowser flying across the sand


Matt churning homemade vanilla ice cream


the infamous low country boil. oh my yum


best yard decoration in Rehoboth award


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pens and omlettes and crepes February 6th, 2012


On Friday evening, we drove up to Delaware with Val and Ty. Tiki and Bowser rode along, too, of course. Traffic was slowww getting up there, the usual for Friday rush hour, but we made it. On Saturday morning, the guys all went to a pen-turning class and the girls went to a omlette and crepe-making class. I’ve never taken an actual cooking class before (unless you count home-ec back in high school), so I was looking forward to it. The chef was really laid back and gave us all sorts of tips on cooking eggs, omlettes, and crepes. I learned that a French omlette should end up smooth as a baby’s butt when you flip the eggs over onto the fillings. I’ve never really sucessfully made an omlette in the first place — what always starts out on the omlette track generally ends up as scrambled eggs — so now I have some goals for next Saturday breakfast at home!


We also learned how to peel ginger with a spoon, how to finely chop cilantro, and that bechamel (basic white sauce) is amazingly delicious, and easy to make. That last part was learned while we were devouring our savory ginger shrimp crepes. YUM. We each took our turns with making basic and then chocolate crepes. It’s all about getting the heat of the pan just right. I took an attempt at flipping mine, but lost half of it on the burner. Bad kitchen skills, but at least it was all over their stove and not mine. Mom was the only one who managed a sucessful crepe flip AND a perfect French omlette. The chef even called his assistant from the back to check it out! We ended the lesson and tasting with chocolate, whipped cream, and strawberry dessert crepes. Soooooo good. I was so busy watching and tasting that I only managed to snap a few blurry camera phone pics, but you can still get the idea. Everyone should take a cooking class at some point, it think it gives you confidence to watch something being made and see that it is possible to make meals that you might not normally attempt otherwise.


French omlette!


Val getting ready to flip that crepe

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