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tree house camping! March 12th, 2014

We went tree house camping with friends over the weekend (props to Lindsey for finding this cute little site) in Rohersville, MD. Maybe calling it camping is a little stretch, but there’s still a lot of snow on the ground and I don’t really do cold, so I was pretty content to see this place had bunk beds AND a wood-burning stove. It took some doing to get the fire working properly (David and Kristy would not be proud of us) but once the little cabin was heated and the smoke mostly cleared, it was quite cozy. We gorged ourselves on S’Mores (obv.), went on a little hike up to Weverton Cliffs, and had lunch in Harper’s Ferry. All in all, a great little trip out of DC.

Weverton Cliffs overlook


pretty blue river


Bowser loves to hike


Alex surveying the view


the dogs loved to lay in front of the stove


cabin view


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CHOCOLATE March 4th, 2014

Best. Christmas present. EVER!!! Me, Val, and our moms took a chocolate-making class on Sunday at Sweet Cascades in Ellicott City. There was no shortage of sampling over the two hour class, and Sue was a pro at making us laugh and also learn how to make truffles using all sorts of fun ingredients (including Old Bay). We got to taste test all different cocoa percentages, see a 10 lb bar of chocolate, make chocolate bowls using balloons, and learn about tempering. All very interesting, but the best part was rolling our own ganache balls and drizzling chocolate and drinking chocolate at the end. Ok, it was all good. Might need to make this a yearly trip…


chocolate_photo 2
bacon chocolate, Old Bay crab chocolate, salty caramel chocolate… yum


chocolate_photo 3
ganache rolled in yummy toppings


chocolate_photo 4
the completed truffle bowl


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Happy New Year, 2014 January 3rd, 2014



We spent New Years in St. Michael’s, MD — wandering around the marina and shops in the cold air, taking Bowser along with us, and wondering how he would handle a hotel room (he loved it, so we must find more doggie friendly places to stay in the future!), spoiling ourselves with a couples massage, and eating GREAT dinners of pizza and steaks and all that good stuff you have to have right before healthier eating starts again in January. As you can see from the insta-pics, we took along our new Fujifilm Instax toy camera Christmas gift to play with while we were there. I just love the instant photos and watching them develop, so much fun. We rang in the new year sharing a piece of chocolate cake in bed, watching the ball drop in NYC on tv and realizing we knew almost none of the artists who were playing that night. I guess that’s what happens when you turn 30. We were asleep by about 12:20 and it was glorious.

We spent some time ruminating over how great of a year 2013 was and making a brag list of all our accomplishments, milestones, and goals reached, whether major or pretty trivial…    
-creating a life! though technically we have to wait until sometime early next summer to meet our little baby burrito, it’s still the number one thing we are most proud of from the past year and looking forward to in the future
-Matt finishing grad school. Master!
-both of us turning 30! whoa
-continuing to sucessfully grow my business and add more clients
-biking across Thailand and Cambodia this summer
-meeting our niece Nora and getting to be an aunt and uncle


Here’s to 2014!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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apple pickin’ October 31st, 2013

Jami, Val, and I went apple picking yesterday at Larriland Farm in HoCo. I haven’t been there in probably, oh, 10 years, but nothing has changed. And that’s a good thing. We scored some braeburn, granny smith, and enterprise apples picked straight from the trees. Now I need to locate a good apple pie recipe because, as they say, and apple pie a day keeps the doctor away. I think that’s how it goes anyways.


apples_photo 1


apples_photo 2


apples_photo 3


apples_photo 5


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this guy… September 3rd, 2013

…is 30 yeas old!!!


we spent Saturday on a bike trip with Val and Ty from BWI to Annapolis. 44 miles round trip. and a delicious seafood lunch at Pusser’s and then ice cream in between.. mmmmm.


Ty is smiling, even coming up the hill


there was a unicorn crossing on the trail… and a lemonade stand, which I of course immediately braked for…


Baltimore-Annapolis trail for the win!



We got back to Val and Ty’s house to some “surprise” birthday visitors… And continued celebrating with dinner, cake, and presents with family. The best kind of birthday!


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swim bike run etc June 3rd, 2013

We spent the weekend in Rock Hall, MD with family — on Saturday we checked out the farmers market and shops in Chestertown, walked around by the water, listened to a concert in the park, and had a lovely dinner out. Sunday morning was our sprint triathlon. It had been awhile since we’d done one — but it felt pretty good and the course was awesome!!




best. boat. ever. (also, Instagram really brings out my freckles)


Chestertown fountain




race_turtle_photo 1
Matt helping a snapping turtle across the road with a car scraper. he was feisty about it (the turtle).

race_bike_photo 2
Amos, ready to roll on race morning


race markings — still 29!!!! for another month anyways


race_race_photo 3
waiting to start in the transition area


swim! Val and I are in there somewhere


Matt and Val. ‘Merica!


zombie girl, Matt, me, port-a-potties


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terps March 7th, 2013

terps_photo 3


I went to see the Terps vs. UNC game last night in College Park with the college ladies. Even though MD lost in their last home game of the season, it was still great catching up and reminiscing about how much CP has changed. One highlight of the evening for me was the unfurling of a huge Maryland flag over the student section — I love that stuff. Also, the gymkana halftime show. People doing flips through flaming hoops does it for me every time.


terps_photo 2

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merry christmas December 26th, 2012

my mom’s popcorn and orange slice tree


We spent Christmas weekend in Maryland and Delaware: window shopping, eating family meals, drinking wine and talking, watching a light snow fall outside, catching up with friends we haven’t seen in forever, exchanging gifts, posing the doggies for pictures, scarfing down cookies and fudge, and playing team Scrabble. Just perfect.


for reference, that was a pretty big gift box




merry christmas to all


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homecoming football October 20th, 2012


Our Terps lost a heartbreaker today, no thanks to their kicker for missing a field goal from close range with just a few seconds left in the game. Too bad, so sad. JJ and I had fun anyways in our front row seats, getting to hear the players and coaches game-time talk and seeing the towel ralleys at close range. I think we even had some water sloshed on us from the bench at the end of the game when the kick bounced off the upright and some members of the team threw their cups in disgust. YEAH! Up until those final seconds though, things were great, we were busy cheering for Cheeseboro and yelling MOVE THOSE CHAINS and wondering why the stripes on the Terps Under Armour jerseys and pants are so weird looking. Who knew that the cheap “obstructed view” seats that I found on StubHub would be so awesome?


We also spend a good amount of time trying to figure out how in the world the student body (aka the drunk section) was able to get their act together enough to spell out a giant “M” in the stands with just the separation of white and red t-shirts. Someone please tell me that we were correct in assuming that white shirts were left on the correctly configured seats in order to accomplish this? If not, props to the current students for being way too organized. Our biggest accomplishments on game days used to be just waking up before noon for some dining hall breakfast so you didn’t go tailgate on an empty stomach.


Besides the game, it’s always good to get back on campus and spend some time reminiscing about college, visiting Testudo and Kermit, and wandering along route 1. As we were walking back to the metro after the game, a guy passing by us was reminiscing about Danny’s (which appears to have been replaced with some place called Wasabi, which is weird) just at the same time as we were, saying aloud to his friends, Remember when it was Danny’s? JJ answered him, Yes, I do. – much to his surprise, because he responded, NO, you don’t know Danny’s… as he continued walking past us, to which JJ replied under her breath, I got pepper-sprayed at Danny’s once. Ahhhh, College Park.


Other good overheards of the day included some guys on the metro on the way there wondering if #1 Liquor would deliver to their tailgate (I wanted to tell them yeah, they will), and a girl I overheard in the bookstore telling her friends how it was actually great that she had no money, because then she couldn’t spend it on crappy food like Ratsie’s. Amen, fellow Terps, AMEN.




hi Kermit


hi Testudo, you were not so lucky today

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C & O Canal Bike Trip and Lockhouse Tour, 2012 September 4th, 2012


This weekend we went biking along the C & O Canal path with a bunch of friends, staying at Lockhouse 10 and Lockhouse 28 along the way. We left DC on Friday evening with Sandy, Olly, and Josh, and did a short 12 miles out to our first stop at LH 10 for the night. It had AC and running water and a sweet back porch with rocking chairs. We had sandwhiches and gin and tonics and cupcakes (somewhat smushed) for dinner, then walked down to the river to try and catch a glimpse of the full blue moon through the tree cover.


On Saturday morning, Ty, Greg, and Val joined us for the next 40 miles out to LH 28 in Point of Rocks, MD. We made good timing and stopped a couple times along the way — to see the river at Great Falls, to have some lunch at a campsite, to fill our camelpacks and bottles at the water pumping stations along the route. Around 4:30ish in the afternoon, we arrived in Point of Rocks and got unloaded for our second night – no running water or electricity, just a few trundle beds and a roof – our “stone tent” as one of the C & O Canal guides called it. We relaxed for a few before setting off in search of some well-deserved pizza and beer in town. We were all majorly hungry after 40 miles.


That night, Olly made us a campfire and we made s’mores and drank Natty Bohs – the perfect kinda-camping experience.


On Sunday morning, we were up bright and early and hitting the trail homeward. It rained a bit on the way, but we made even better timing than on the way out since we were going slightly downhill, and all of us eager to get home to showers. I was nervous about trying to make the whole 54-ish miles home in one day since I have never biked that far at once, but somehow I made it and my legs did not even fall off. Wahoo! I think we will need to make a repeat of this trip again soon!


Matt’s bike, fully loaded and ready to leave!


just a few miles out of Georgetown


lockhouse 10


the state of the cupcakes upon arrival, but this did not stop us from eating them


watching the canal go by


almost to Great Falls


on the road again


made it!


Lockhouse 28


beer and pizza stop!


ahhhh campfire


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