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groundbreaking! March 20th, 2014

Yesterday was the official groundbreaking at The Wharf. It was rainy and overcast, but the weather didn’t overshadow the celebration of the great things to come at the southwest waterfront. I’m so proud of Matt and all the hard work he has put into the team that is bringing this massive project to The District.

wharf_photo 1
I obv. forgot my press pass that would have allowed me to get a better angle on this shot


wharf_photo 2
construction equipment!! confetti!!


wharf_photo 3
standing room only! the kids choir from Amidon-Bowen elementary kicked off the morning with some songs


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DC Sail August 2nd, 2013







On Wednesday night this week, we went sailing with Lindsey and Mike via DC Sail. Thank goodness for Lindsey getting her act together (hah) and organizing this, because we loved it. And we almost capsized. It was awesome! We left the docks around 6ish, despite the dark sky on the horizon not far away. We got in about 30 minutes of smooth sailing, and I even learned some tacking manuevers. Then, the storm really started to roll in and we had to head back. But not before a huge gust of wind caught our sail and, I’m not entirely sure what happened because it was so fast, but the boom came flying around and we all threw our weight to the other side of the boat. It was pretty dicey for a split second. Good times! We got a tow the rest of the way in and got tied back up to the dock just as it started to pour down rain. We will definitely be back!


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Parade of Lighted Boats December 2nd, 2012

O Christmas Tree


Last night we went to the parade of lighted boats down at the Southwest Waterfront, and it was pretty awesome. There were holiday tunes and mulled wine and even a fake snow machine (!!!) and of course Santa. The boats left earlier in the evening from the kickoff spot in Alexandria, all decorated with lights and blow-up decorations, ornaments, and other festive decor. They then reached SW, gliding up and down the Washington Channel in full view for the crowd of people waiting and cheering. I kept busy trying to take photos of every single boat, kind of a fail without the tripod, but oh well. Bowser enjoyed meeting lots of other doggies and searching the grounds for dropped cookies and marshmallows. Good times! I kind of want a boat now, just so I can decorate it (Matt is going to kill me when he reads that).


fake snow!


my personal fave, a simple Christmas tree boat




this was the winning boat, I believe, peace and love




hey snowman


Bumble’s sink!


this is just precious, I know


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CAPTION CONTEST April 10th, 2012

a robot chorus


I shot this photo a few weeks ago on a Friday afternoon/evening at the Fish Market in SW. One of the best people-watching places in the city, if you ask me. I’m not sure why there are SO MANY Pepsi machines in a line in this particular spot, just steps away from a number of different places that sell sodas… I guess some people just prefer bottles to fountain…


So, give it your best caption in the comments. My favorite entry (if there are any, hello, anyone out there?) will receive some sort of prize, to be determined. Most likely, it will be your name mentioned in a future Juxtaexposed entry, so you better make it a good caption. yep.


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weekend August 21st, 2011

There’s something about summer drawing to a close that makes us want to squeeze in a whole lot of weekend fun, before these free days turn into study-all-day days… On Saturday, I got in an early morning 7-miler at Centennial Park with my running ladies Susan and Lauren. It was still really humid, even that early in the AM, probably left over from Friday night’s summer storm that lasted for much of the evening, so thank goodness my run-buddies were there to keep me motivated. It was a pretty good run, slow and steady! and we sat down by the water and treated ourselves to smoothies afterwards. Feels good to accomplish things like that all before 9 in the morning.


Afterwards, Matt and I helped Val and Ty move into their new apartment in Columbia — it was a pretty efficient move and we’re now bummed that they are no longer going to be our DC neighbors. Bowser will be missing Tiki play dates as well. At least they are closer to their jobs now though. Hello easier commuting! After all their boxes were inside, we had to skedaddle home to get ready for Matt’s work party at his bosses house. There were crabs, ribs, and lots of water slide action. Matt managed to rip an enormous hole in the back of his swim trunks on the slide, so the water fun was somewhat short-lived. Reference the ridiculousness of their homemade water slide in the photo below, though. That is just the top part where you take off on a ride all the way down to the bottom of their farm. The entire slide has to be longer than a football field. Talk about being the coolest kids on the block!


After the work party, we went to the Thievery Corporation show at the Kastles Stadium on the SW Waterfront. Awesome show! We sat and watched from the very top of the stands across from the stage. Maybe my 28-year-old self is actually just acting my age now, but the whole time I was thinking how awesome it was to just sit there with a beer and relax and listen to the music away from the crowds and not be one of the people crammed up by the stage with all the other sweaty kids dancing around and screaming.


it was actually a great view, not that this blurry camera-phone photo is any indication

This morning we woke up bright and early to go for a little walk in the woods. We drove out to the head of the Glover-Archibald trail in Tenleytown with Bowser in tow and headed along the path towards Georgetown (with Bowser leading the way, of course). He is just so damn cute running through the woods and sniffing everything. It’s not often that our city-doggy actually gets off his leash, so it felt good to let him run around the trail, explore all the curiosities of nature, and greet all the runners and other doggies out with their owners. The great thing about this particular trail though, is that you don’t encounter too many other people out there. Just the running water, the trees, and lots of green! The trail itself is fairly flat elevation-wise, but the ground is pretty rocky and bumpy, so you definitely have to pay attention as you’re going along. We broke off the path a few times to play in the stream and also to give Bowser his very first swimming lesson. (First, that is, if you don’t count the time that Matt briefly threw him in the pool at Ivory Road, thinking my mom wasn’t looking. She was actually watching from the deck the whole time and immediately gave him the NO-DOGS-IN-THE-POOL friendly reminder. No way he was getting away with that one…) Anyways, todays swimming lesson consisted of Matt tossing Bowser into the stream water up to his chin, and Bowser standing there in the water whimpering and shaking, not realizing he could just walk out of the water. After a few minutes, we walked downstream and left him to his own devices and he finally scampered out of the water. The great thing about dogs is they immediately forget things and he was again happy as can be.



swim lesson!

dog on a log!

I found lots of pretty yellow leafs on the ground already. fall’s-a-comin!

By the time we got home, we had worked up a pretty good appetite, so walked down to H Street for some much-needed sushi sustenance at Sticky Rice. We made it there just in time to miss the MASSIVE storm that came through. Thunder and lighting and gushing winds. Glad we weren’t still out in the woods at that point. After sushi, we sat in the window at Sova and enjoyed a cup of coffee. Matt read the newspaper while I thumbed through an awesome book about America.


Mmmm, coffeeeee.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

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Kastles July 6th, 2011


Last night we watched the opening matches of the Washington Kastles World Team Tennis league at their new stadium at The Wharf in southwest. They beat the Kansas City Explorers in overtime, 21-18, but more importantly we were thisclose to Venus Williams! ahhhhh! I’m pretty sure if I stood on the other side of the net to receive one of her serves, I wouldn’t even see it go by me. It’s that fast.


Tennis is pretty awesome to watch in person, though. The speed that they change directions, the ball control, and how they know just where to send it to be out of reach. SLAM! The instant replays are also one of my favorites parts — watching the little ball diagram in slow motion to see if the line calls are correct. Is the shadow inside, outside, or on the line? Aaaand, now I am feeling really pumped to go play some tennis sometime soon!!! The last time I went (not counting the Wii) was with Matt when we lived in Silver Spring. If I remember, it ended in many tennis balls being lost over the fence and a couple of adult temper tantrums.


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NOm.NOM.nOm June 30th, 2011


It’s only 8am as I’m posting this photo, but I REALLY want that for breakfast. Loads of steamed, spicy shrimp from the fish market. ohhh heaven.


oh and the lobsters look pretty good too.

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200 miles May 1st, 2011

This weekend we ran the American Odyssey Relay Run, which involved 12 teammates, 2 rented mini-vans, about 27 hours, and a 200 mile relay run from Gettysburg, PA to The Wharf in DC. An adventure it was!!! You certainly learn a lot about yourself by cramming into a smelly van with people you’ve just met, trying to navigate the back-roads of PA, MD, DC, and WV, running on trails you’ve never been on, sustaining on mostly Clif Bars and Gatorade, and all this on about 2 hours of total sleep.


We left early Friday morning from SW DC, and made it within 2 miles of the start in Gettysburg when Matt was pulled over by the po-lice doing 79 in a 65. Ouch :( We were waiting for them to write paperwork when suddenly the cop ran up, threw all our documents back in the car window, saying “It’s your lucky day. We gotta go.” Score!!! Thank goodness for whoever was robbing the nearby 7-11 (or whatever the call may have been), but that sure started us off feeling lucky. So we finally made it to the start line, no speeding tickets in hand, and met our 6 other running teammates. We had just enough time to decorate our van windows with paint markers, spelling out The Wharf (team name) and some other clever running sayings. Go team spirit. At 10:30am, our first runner left the start line with our slap-bracelet baton, beginning the first of 36 legs to the finish.


From there, we did what you do at the the start of every good race: look up directions to the nearest diner. Perkins it was! Since the other van comprised the first 6 legs of the race, we had about 4 hours until we were on. I somehow passed on the bacon lovers breakfasts and had some chicken noodle soup and an english muffin to fuel me up. Nice, delicious start to the race.


After breakfast, we went to race transition 3, which happened to be a fireworks mega store parking lot, to cheer for our team. All the transitions were going fairly smoothly so far, and it was a beautiful, cool morning. We then drove from leg to leg of the race enjoying the scenery of rural PA and our not-yet-smelly van.


Around 2:00pm Friday, I ran my first leg of the race- Leg 8, rated Hard, 4.9 miles. From the course handbook: “This is a beautiful run on a rugged dirt road through Michaux State Forest. Trail shoes are strongly suggested. It’s almost all uphill and then all downhill. No flat terrain to speak of. Virtually everyone will get to this leg during daylight hours. However, if you do get here after dark, the van must accompany you and should stay approximately 50-100 yards behind you to help illuminate the way. This leg is named after our running partner, Gary Faigen. I have no idea why.” …It was a BEAUTIFUL run. It was different than most legs, in that the vans didn’t follow the runner, so I only saw one other runner (I was passed, or “roadkilled” as we called it) in the 50 minutes that it took me to complete. What a nice chance to clear my head, enjoy the nature of the woods, and occasionally talk to myself. I was feeling good. Matt always ran directly after me, so it was great to toss him the slap-bracelet and then cool down before hopping in the van to meet him at the end of his leg.


So this process repeated itself, all 6 of our runners finished their legs, then we had some “off” time while the other van ran their 6 legs. This off time consisted of eating some bad cafeteria food and then “sleeping” on the gym floor of Boonsboro High School. We took over for our second shift around 1:30am. Pitch black night. Battlefields and corn fields of Antietam. THIS WAS CREEPY, but exhilarating. Can you think of any other way to run by monuments of Civil War heros in the middle of the night, wearing a construction vest with blinking lights and a headlamp, and not get arrested by park police? I don’t think so. It was definitely a rush. My mantra during this run was “Just keeping swimming, just keep swimming…” (thank you, Finding Nemo), while praying that no one jumped out of the bushes to steal me, and all the while trying not to hear the banjos from Deliverance.


Following the night legs of the race, we were all extremely sore and convinced we would never be able to make our third round in the morning. But, we re-fueled once again at the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown, WV with some pancake and bagels breakfasts prepared for us, for $6, by the local Boy-Scout troop. This was a very crucial part of the whole ordeal, in terms of team morale. Coffee works wonders. Feeling slightly refreshed, we drove an hour from there to Poolesville, MD, where we would take over the final 6 legs of the race. We all slept, in the van, for about 2 hours as the sun came up. If you haven’t yet pictured 6 adults trying to sleep comfortably in a mini-van, please don’t, it wasn’t pretty nor comfortable.


At 9am-ish, I ran my last leg, leg 32, rated Medium, 4.8 miles from Sycamore Landing to Riley’s Lock along the C&O canal. Finally! we were making our way towards DC. This run, for me, was a bit of a magical experience. Once again, I was mostly alone, only passing one other runner in our race (YAY! one roadkill for me!) and several other people from a walking group that were headed the other direction on their way to Harper’s Ferry. Passing people on a trail in the woods is quite pleasant, lots of “hi’s” and “hello’s” and “glad you’re running and I’m walking’s”… I can’t think of too many places where people just hi to be polite anymore. And I’m not sure if it was delirium and lack of sleep, the relief of nearly being done, or just the peace of an early morning run through the woods, before the heat of the day, along a familiar stretch of woods, with the sun reflecting off the water on my right, but boy, it was an amazing run. Maybe it was all those things, but it sure felt great to be alone with my thoughts once again, not afraid of the boogymen, and feeling the finish line getting closer. As I got to the end to cross the bridge where the transition was, I heard one of the course volunteers tell me “Almost there, Twizzlers up ahead!” Music to my ears. I passed the slap-bracelet off to Matt and I was done!! Only 4 more legs for the rest of our teammates until we were DONE DONE.


Around 2:30pm Saturday, our last runner brought it home for the team. All 12 of us ran in (sprinted, rather) for the last .1 miles until we ended at The Wharf at 7th and Maine, SE. There were smoked sausages, sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, and beers awaiting us, and victory tasted great!!


Though I’m still sore a day later, I’d definitely say I would do it again. It was a crazy day+ of straight driving and running, little sleep and weird food, cheering for people you don’t know, headlamps, battlefields, random pit stops at Wal-Mart, high schools, churches, fields and rivers, Sparklers and 80s music on Sirius radio, lots of port-o-potties, and did I mention… 200 MILES!!!


Surely makes you appreciate your own bed and a hot shower… When do we sign up for next year??


Team wharf, ready to roll.

Beautiful America.

Fireworks pit-stop!

“It’s your lucky day”

Quite dark outside.


ummm, Official timekeeping on the iPad.

Matt finishing up his last leg of the race!




Beautiful place to run, yes?

Almost done!

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brrr January 25th, 2011


We finally got some film developed from the past few weeks… or maybe it’s months now? Anyways, between moving and the holidays, all kinds of things got off track. We’ve also yet to find a super-convenient film development option near our new house. It sure was nice being 1 block from the CVS 1-hour photo dealie when we lived on Q Street. So, we ended up going with the mail-away development option through Snapfish, only to find that they can’t develop film without making prints at the same time. This is not very great, because we just want the photos on disc (for starters anyways) and I don’t want to have to box the thousands of photos taken every year.


This photo is from the Olympus XA2, shot a few weeks back at the SW Waterfront Fish Market when we got one of those lame snow dustings we’ve been getting around here lately. I say that menacingly in hopes that the snow gods will hear me and be angered by tomorrow, when we are expected to once again be on the snow/rain line for the latest winter “event.” Come on, blizzard!! Anyways, it we quite empty and peaceful there with the layer of clean snow, unlike the usual fish market hullabaloo.


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