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Labor Day weekend and Matt’s 31st September 4th, 2014

Wandering around Berkeley Springs

We did a quick little getaway and spent the morning wandering around the town of Berkeley Springs, WV. Cute little place with some funny antique shops and a random hotdog/snowcone stand that we, of course, happily patronized.


Going for a hike with Miss Lyla Willow

In the afternoon, we went for a little hike with Miss Lyla Willow in Cacapon State Park, up the Ridge Trail


cool moss

cool moss along the way


A walk in the woods at Cacapon

a pretty path in the woods at Cacapon


Lyla visiting the Cacapon State Park overlook, where you can see PA, MD, VA, and WV.

Whoa, this is a majorly unflattering photo of me, but it’s the only one we took of Lyla visiting the Cacapon State Park overlook, where you can see PA, MD, VA, and WV. I promise I had a good grip on her 😉




Happy 31st Birthday on the 31st, Matt!

Happy 31st Birthday on the 31st, Matt! Thanks to Val and Ty for babysitting and allowing us a proper night out to celebrate. We had cocktails, pierogies, fried cheese, kielbasa, and meatballs at Domku. Hooray for golden birthdays!!


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Happy New Year, 2014 January 3rd, 2014



We spent New Years in St. Michael’s, MD — wandering around the marina and shops in the cold air, taking Bowser along with us, and wondering how he would handle a hotel room (he loved it, so we must find more doggie friendly places to stay in the future!), spoiling ourselves with a couples massage, and eating GREAT dinners of pizza and steaks and all that good stuff you have to have right before healthier eating starts again in January. As you can see from the insta-pics, we took along our new Fujifilm Instax toy camera Christmas gift to play with while we were there. I just love the instant photos and watching them develop, so much fun. We rang in the new year sharing a piece of chocolate cake in bed, watching the ball drop in NYC on tv and realizing we knew almost none of the artists who were playing that night. I guess that’s what happens when you turn 30. We were asleep by about 12:20 and it was glorious.

We spent some time ruminating over how great of a year 2013 was and making a brag list of all our accomplishments, milestones, and goals reached, whether major or pretty trivial…    
-creating a life! though technically we have to wait until sometime early next summer to meet our little baby burrito, it’s still the number one thing we are most proud of from the past year and looking forward to in the future
-Matt finishing grad school. Master!
-both of us turning 30! whoa
-continuing to sucessfully grow my business and add more clients
-biking across Thailand and Cambodia this summer
-meeting our niece Nora and getting to be an aunt and uncle


Here’s to 2014!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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feeling relaxed August 15th, 2013

Last weekend was spent with family and friends at Bethany Beach. Great weather (minus some flooding on the drive in), great food (the now infamous low-country boil), good fun (kayaking on the bay), and relaxation (reading books on the beach. I highly recommend Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I guess I’m probably late to the party on that one). ahhhh summmer.


bethanybeachphoto 2


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Canadian bachelorette, eh August 1st, 2013

montreal_photo 9
the bachelorette(s)


This past weekend I went up to Montreal for Riles’ bachelorette party. I had never been to Canada before, unless you count the Canadian side of Niagra Falls, so this was pretty much a first. I liked Montreal for sure and hope to go back sometime for a more extended trip. We did a lot of walking around, eating (see meat platter), drinking, and embarassing Riles, of course, with giant cutouts of her face. I think there may be one left in a bar somewhere…


montreal_photo 6


montreal_photo 7
inside cathedral


montreal_photo 4
colorful glass facade


montreal_photo 3
sliver of light


montreal_photo 2
Le Habitat


montreal_photo 1
meat platter of the century


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welcome, 30 July 23rd, 2013

I turned 30! And it was awesome. It feels like it has been a non-stop party train since last week — First, celebrating the traditional way with family — spiced shrimp and cake and presents. The next night, out to dinner for Mexican food (tequila shot and sombrero included) with friends and neighbors. And finally, an amazing weekend in NYC with Matt.

we strolled through Central Park…


…asked a stranger in Brooklyn Bridge Park to take this photo of us…


…rode the new CitiBikes!


…visited the 9/11 Memorial


…marveled at how tall WTC1 is…


…wandered along the Highline Park at night…


…watched the sun set between buildings…


…watched ants, I mean people, at MoMa’s free friday…


…snapped pics of the Flatiron BUilding after the rain passed through…


…devoured mozarella and proscuitto and lambrusco frizzante at Eataly…


…admired the Brooklyn Bridge…


…and the Manhattan Bridge too…


…watched people watching people in Times Square…


…took cheesy selfies…


…rode citibikes over the Brooklyn Bridge in search of Grimaldi’s pizza…


…walked under the arches in Central Park…


…encountered some random modeling sessions going on…


…listened to live music…


…in many places.


My 30s are going to be good, I feel!!

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pittsburgh July 8th, 2013

view from the top of the incline

view from the top of the incline


Hello! Some random pics from our trip to Pittsburgh for the 4th of July. What’s with everyone asking why on earth we would go to Pittsburgh?? It was a lovely city, with friendly people, good food, and plenty of places worth checking out. Maybe it is not as glamorous as a lot of other cities that are high on the tourism list, but I still don’t understand the incredulousness of the many people who were confused as to why we could go. I mean, I hate the Steelers and pretty much every Pittsburgh sports franchise, but other than that, it’s a pretty ok place.


We stayed at the Parador Inn, this really cute, Carribean-themed BnB in an old, Victorian house from 1870. We had a claw-foot tub in our room and homemade French Toast for breakfast. I know, right, it was awesome. It was a few blocks from Heinz Field, so it was a great location for getting around. No, we were not in town for the Taylor Swift concert, and I am a little bit embarrassed that I got asked that several times while we were there. I mean, I would totally go to a T-Swift concert, but that was not why I was in town.


On the 4th, we walked around Point State Park and watched the boat regata that was going on — these crazy little speed boats going incredibly fast (no idea how fast exactly) but they looked like spaceships and that they might flip over at any second and cause a huge catastrophe. The fireworks show that night was great — it went on for at least 30 minutes.


On the 5th, we walked around the Strip District and I ate mozarella balls from the Italian store with reckless abandon. Thank goodness we were walking around the rest of the day or I probably would have bought a lot more yummies — tanks of olive oil and pasta sauces and so forth. After that, we went on a bar crawl of sorts, only there were like 4 miles between each place we checked out, so it’s ok. We hit the Beerhive, tried to do Gooskies on Polish Hill but it was closed, so we went to Brew Works in an old church, and then Arsenal where we sampled all the kinds of homemade cider and wine. Bubbly rhubarb drinks for the win! We talked to the owner for a little while, and he told us how he gave up his accounting job three years ago to make cider. I admire.


Next we headed to Little Italy/Bloomfield and had dinner at Pleasure Bar, which was one of the more odd places I’ve ever been, but the food was tasty. We started the 6 mile walk home, but luckily managed to score a cab and saved our tired feet. After some rest, we went out again to see some bluegrass band down the street from our BnB. It was my kind of day.


On Sunday, we hit up the last few necessary tourist spots before heading home — rode the incline up to see the city from above and then had Primanti Brothers for lunch. I could get used to French Fries on top of everything, for sure.



We watched fireworks from the platform of the Alleghany T station - surprisingly great view and the added bonus of looking like the fireworks were coming out of the Science Center tube/funnel thing.

We watched fireworks from the platform of the Alleghany T station – surprisingly great view and the added bonus of looking like the fireworks were coming out of the Science Center tube/funnel thing.


now that's what I call a salad!!! topped with fries, as it seems everything in Pittsburgh is...

now that’s what I call a salad!!! topped with fries, as it seems everything in Pittsburgh is…


Drinking SILLY beer.

Drinking SILLY beer.


our Bnb - Parador Inn

our Bnb – Parador Inn


RAWR. Dinosaur Matt

RAWR. Dinosaur Matt


fountain in Point State Park

fountain in Point State Park





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ski weekend! February 17th, 2013

Snow!! I finally feel like I got my snow fix this winter, we just had to go out of town to do it… We went skiing this weekend at Seven Springs in PA with Matt’s company. And by skiing, I mean Matt went snowboarding and I enjoyed a relaxing day getting a massage at the spa, working out, reading, and napping. I think about 6-8″ fell while we were there for 2 nights. It was delightful.


ski_photo 3
ants on the slopes


ski_photo 1


ski_photo 2
snowy forest of trees


ski_photo 5
the roads on the way home this morning. glad our trusty civic made it


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B&B and hiking February 10th, 2013

We decided to go on a little getaway this weekend! Drove up to Greencastle, PA yesterday afternoon and stayed at the cutest little bed and breakfast overnight. If you are ever in that area, I cannot recommend enough the White Hall Manor B&B! Not only was it an amazing house, but our hosts, Gerry and Pam, were so sweet too. They obviously put a lot of thought into making their place feel like a home. We loved their homemade breakfast this morning, which we shared with two other travellers who were in town visiting their son. It was nice to sit and talk with complete strangers, brought together only by a certain point and place in time, and hear about their crazy families, travel stories and recommendations, and plans for the future. I hope Pam gets her baby blue vw bug.


After breakfast, it was hiking time. We walked 4.5-miles of the Appalachian Trail, up to an overlook at Annapolis Rock. Easy hike overall, and though the path was a little icy, it was sunny out, and there was a great view at the end!


Matt took this pic upon our arrival yesterday evening. Someday, I’d like a porch with columns like these.


seriously, look at this house!!


obligatory architecture pic


off on our hike!


snowy trail


icy ice


“Matt, stick your tongue on that like Christmas Story and see if it gets stuck”… “ok” … ohh i love him.


Matt inspecting the view from Annapolis Rock




“this picture is meant to give you vertigo” –Matt


Queen -o- the mountain


pointy rock




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C & O Canal Bike Trip and Lockhouse Tour, 2012 September 4th, 2012


This weekend we went biking along the C & O Canal path with a bunch of friends, staying at Lockhouse 10 and Lockhouse 28 along the way. We left DC on Friday evening with Sandy, Olly, and Josh, and did a short 12 miles out to our first stop at LH 10 for the night. It had AC and running water and a sweet back porch with rocking chairs. We had sandwhiches and gin and tonics and cupcakes (somewhat smushed) for dinner, then walked down to the river to try and catch a glimpse of the full blue moon through the tree cover.


On Saturday morning, Ty, Greg, and Val joined us for the next 40 miles out to LH 28 in Point of Rocks, MD. We made good timing and stopped a couple times along the way — to see the river at Great Falls, to have some lunch at a campsite, to fill our camelpacks and bottles at the water pumping stations along the route. Around 4:30ish in the afternoon, we arrived in Point of Rocks and got unloaded for our second night – no running water or electricity, just a few trundle beds and a roof – our “stone tent” as one of the C & O Canal guides called it. We relaxed for a few before setting off in search of some well-deserved pizza and beer in town. We were all majorly hungry after 40 miles.


That night, Olly made us a campfire and we made s’mores and drank Natty Bohs – the perfect kinda-camping experience.


On Sunday morning, we were up bright and early and hitting the trail homeward. It rained a bit on the way, but we made even better timing than on the way out since we were going slightly downhill, and all of us eager to get home to showers. I was nervous about trying to make the whole 54-ish miles home in one day since I have never biked that far at once, but somehow I made it and my legs did not even fall off. Wahoo! I think we will need to make a repeat of this trip again soon!


Matt’s bike, fully loaded and ready to leave!


just a few miles out of Georgetown


lockhouse 10


the state of the cupcakes upon arrival, but this did not stop us from eating them


watching the canal go by


almost to Great Falls


on the road again


made it!


Lockhouse 28


beer and pizza stop!


ahhhh campfire


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cabin again July 16th, 2012

rainy afternoon at the cabin


We had a pretty relaxing weekend — we spent Friday night having some beers on our friend Jason’s boat down on the SW waterfront. It’s actually pretty tolerable to be outside in DC in the summer when you’re on the water. (note to self: aquire a boat.)


On Saturday, we drove down to the cabin in Virginia. Mom and I unpacked about 1/25th of the total number of boxes there. Small progress, but progress none-the-less. It worked out pretty well anyways that we were inside, because there were pretty heavy rainstorms and lightning most of Saturday afternoon and evening. I was amazed at how quickly the fog rolls in and out of the valley overlook from the front of the house — less than 10 minutes for visibility to go from miles and miles to 5 feet in front of your face… While the women were upstairs working and unpacking, Matt and Dad were apparently relaxing on the front porch, reading the paper and eating my glazed donut. They did move 2 big items though (the tv and glider swing) so maybe it was deserved :)


On Sunday morning we poked around in the woods with Bowser for a bit, and layed in David’s hammock up by the bear den. No, we did not see any bears, Val. On our way home, we stopped for Mexican food at this amazing little hole-in-the-wall in Front Royal, VA. Two tacos, an enchilada, and a quesadilla for $5.50. Delicious.


After lunch, we headed over to see Val and Ty’s new house. They are getting unpacked pretty good and making progress with painting and arranging. We had dinner and birthday presents and played Apples-to-Apples on the porch. My kind of weekend!




Matt’s hammock view


Pop relaxing


Bowser in water bad. Bowser on rocks good.


heart leaf! and forehead bug bite.


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